Thursday, May 29, 2014

Our Family of Three - Happy Anniversary Matthew!

It would be ridiculous to not post my unwavering affection for the amazing man that chose me as his wife four short years ago. He is the supporter of our family, not only financially, but emotionally. Anyone who knows me, knows that is not an easy task! I'm so thankful for his reassuring words, tender acts of romance, and for his ability to lead our family with a Christian spirit.

Thank you Matthew for allowing my dreams to come true. Being a mother and wife are truly the best gifts you have given me. Cheers to many more years together! 

Our Family of Three
May 2014

We got married to each other in 2010,
At that point our story was just to begin.
We bought a house, got a dog, and took some trips,
Then a few years later we wanted to have kids.
13 months of trying and having faith until we saw,
The little lines that meant “pregnant”, and knowing it wasn't a flaw.

The lucky number 13 was sure to be our fate.
Cambree came that night in August at 8:28.
Long and skinny, sure to be daddy's little girl,
What a special little gift God placed in our world.

From the moment we saw her it was love at first sight,
And I knew that my mother had always been right.
When you have your own child then you'll know,
How a parent’s love continues to grow.

Unmatched by no other thing I’ve felt,
When she looks into my eyes my heart just melts.
But then to see her with her daddy and how she just beams,
She's got him wrapped around her finger, and tied at the seams.
Seeing them talk and play is surely quite a sight,
She adores her daddy's kisses and snuggles at night.

Cambree is special in each and every way,
As her parents we will raise her to pray and have faith.
She’s got the spunk of a teen and perseverance of a fighter,
With that she's also got family, friends, and physicians beside her.

Cambree has opened up our hearts to a new kind of love.
She's our heart and soul, a true blessing from Him above.
Being a parent isn't easy as most would agree,
We will push through the tough, our family of three.

Lots of laughter and joys, with just a few tears,
Who would have thought how lucky we'd be in four short years?
We've got plenty of great memories to make,
And I try to thank God each morning when I wake.

I know we're unsure what the future might bring,
But with you by my side, we can do anything.
I'm so thankful for you Matt, because you're the love of my life.
I feel so fortunate to stand next to you as your loving, adoring wife!

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